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When Do You See a Doctor?

Written by: Matt Wilhelmi

“When do you visit the doctor?” is the question that was shot across the table from a friend and client of mine. We were discussing his financials as he just returned from a trip across the country and about two weeks off. I must have had a quizzical look on my face, because he asked me again. “Matt, when do you visit the doctor?

After the second time, I started to think about how long it has been since the last time I saw the doctor, but was quickly interrupted by my friend’s persistence on continuing his train of thought. He smiled and leaned in. He said, “Matt, people tend to visit the doctor for 1 of 3 reasons.”

Before he could answer (and before I give you his 3 reasons) it got me to thinking, “Seeing the doctor is very similar to seeing a business consultant or advisor.”

At IA Business Advisors, our Sr. Managing Partner has a PhD in Organizational Psychology. He’s literally a Business Doctor. What’s better is he’s imparted pieces of his 20 plus years of experience and knowledge into various supporting operational documents and theories that everyone at IA Business Advisors practices.

But, what are the reasons why people visit the doctor? Why do some people seek advice for their health (or their business)? What are they hoping to hear? Here’s what he said:

They suspect things aren’t going well because their health is declining.

Just like in business, most of us know that if things aren’t going well, it’s time to get advice.

As I’ve come to find, his notion was spot on. But, it got me to thinking. If things were declining, what would you want to hear from the doctor? You’d probably want to hear about how to fix it. It might be hard to hear, but it’s what you’d really want, right?

We call it our BizVision Methodology; it’s how we view people, their businesses, and their priorities.

They are going in for an annual checkup

Just like in business, some people know they need to periodically review their business from a global perspective. Seeking advice from an accountant, advisor, or advocate is important.

They’re dragged in: by force, guilt, or threat.

Sometimes, what one person sees as a great reason to see the doctor, another misses completely. These cases are particularly challenging as the “patient” may be under the impression there isn’t an issue.

So, what are all these people hoping to hear from the doctor? Regardless of why someone visits the doctor, visiting the doctor does this: Diagnoses the problem and prescribes a solution. We take it one step further (when asked). Our team here at IA Business Advisors can help hold you and your team accountable for following the prescribed plan. Simple right?

I’ll ask you this question: When do you visit the doctor? What are you hoping to hear?

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