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“I Don’t Need a Consultant”


This is probably the second most common comment I hear at networking events. The first is “What exactly do you do?” Here’s what we do (in a nutshell).

First, we need to better understand your business. There will be an initial consultation; a lot of questions will be asked. How does it work, why do you think it works that way, where does your revenue come from. We can’t adequately give advice, let alone begin to position our services, until we understand how your business works.

Second, we need to talk about what you’re hoping to accomplish from engaging our services. What do you need done? This could be more leads, happier employees, moving locations, better cashflow, bigger margins, or better customers. This helps us to better understand how we are going to measure our effectiveness and ultimately measure our ROI.

Third, we need to finalize services rendered and terms of payment. We don’t want to launch into a project without being crystal clear on what we are trying to accomplish and how much it will cost. If additional projects arise, it’s our responsibility to go back to the agreed upon contract and scope of work to determine if the additional project nees an additional scope of work.

Finally, we implement change. Most businesses owners can attest that implementation is one of the hardest things to do when running a business. You’re already being pulled in a million directions and having one more checklist of things to do may not be helpful. When we begin a project, we identify exactly which employees will need to be contacted and their role within the scope of the project.

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