Are you ready to transition ownership?

When you’re ready to hand your company down to new owners—whether they be family, employees, or a third-party buyer—IA Business Advisors have been assisting companies of all sizes with their succession planning since our beginning in 1996. There are unique issues that can arise while succession planning, so we can help keep you organized and ready for those bumps ahead.

  • Do you want your business to succeed after the transition?

Several businesses fail after being passed to another owner and this is due to poor succession planning. The two most common issues that arise that can cause a business to fail after a transition are poor fiscal management and poor leadership. Our branded BizVision approach will ensure your company is successful after a succession transition.

We use our tried and true method, with our BizVision Organizational Chart, to help past and current leadership analyze their team so current leadership can be properly groomed to maintain operational integrity after the transition.


We have a reputation for merging the technical, emotional, and psychological aspects of succession planning.

Fiscal Management

We work with financial and legal experts to help identify the most cost effective and efficient process to create a viable business moving forward.


We work with past and current leadership to ensure the transition is smooth and that your company maintains operational integrity.

Family Business

Our BizVision process helps us objectively identify the hierarchy of a family to give the business the most viable leadership team for success.

Post Succession

If you’ve already been through succession planning and are facing issues, we can help even after the succession is over.

DiSC & Kolbe Assessments

We couple both DiSC and Kolbe assessments with our BizVision process to analyze your individual team members and structure how team members interact and work together.


Some succession plans can happen in a few weeks or months, while others may take years to complete. We are often faced with a lot of training to prepare people for positions that, while they are technically prepared for, may not be emotionally or psychologically prepared for. IA Business Advisors have developed a reputation for merging the technical, emotional, and psychological aspects of succession planning into our BizVision process for a positive and effective outcome.

We take into account the structured parts of the business—people, process, and technology—while remaining mindful about the fragile and difficult parts of succession planning—family. We will develop a change management plan to help get to the root of any current or potential issues to help rectify them in the most efficient manner possible.