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Stay Focused on Your HIPA


A few months back (on one of the thirteen days of Fall it was nice outside), I remember meeting over a Frappuccino with a good friend who happens to own a very successful real estate firm (although he would never openly admit to his firm’s substantial financial success because of his humility). What I knew was that when he wasn’t golfing, he would spend most of his time either coaching his team of buyers’ agents or helping determine fair allocations of leads. It was a great life he lived and I wanted to know how he did it. What made his firm stand apart from all the dozens of other real estate firms that are in the Fox Valley area? How did he stay so focused on his HIPA (High Income Producing Activities)?

At one point in the conversation, he slowly and quietly leaned forward and asked that I do the same thing. He certainly didn’t want to broadcast his secret to all the other Starbucks Lovers, even if we were meeting early at a blank space. His comment was quite surprising at first, and then it made sense.

I thought he was leaning forward to tell me how he could manage to golf 36 holes each week (during the three months it’s nice in Chicagoland) and still run a 15 person real estate firm. What he was about to ask blew my mind. His simple question was this: Can you help me migrate my spreadsheets to the cloud? You see, the question is simple to me. It’s a service the IA Business Advisors team provides routinely for our clients. He just wanted to stay focused on scaling his business and realized the limitations of software that has reached the end of its usefulness.

From this discussion, and dozens of others with business owners over the past 10 years, I learned that his issue is a very common one. The issue wasn’t that he was trying to force a square peg into a round hole (by trying to use software meant for one application to work for about half a dozen applications). No, his issue was how do I explain the problem I’m having and hire someone else to fix it so I can stay focused on my HIPA. It was truly remarkable.

I could tell how frustrating it must have been – using the wrong technology – for him when he told me that his wife was beginning to express concerns of accuracy and redundancies within their accounting. He didn’t want to dive into the details, he hates finances and accounting! That’s why he hired his wife as a bookkeeper. In his business, his wife did all of his bookkeeping and also managed his team’s payroll, but it was starting to put a strain on their marriage and their business.

Because their team had grown substantially over the past several years, the business demands were too great for a program like excel to give him real-time relevant data. Unlike many business owners though, he realized his area of specialty wasn’t in software or finance and was ready to ask for help. He wanted to stay focused on his HIPA. He started his business because of his love for the work, not the headaches that come from trying to be an expert at everything from software to finance to legal issues. He knew he needed help, and he had asked the right person the right question.

Enter the solution: IA Business Advisors

This real estate mogul knew that in order to be successful, he needed to find someone else to help with this part of his business.

He wanted to stay focused on his HIPA.

Like I said at the beginning, his question about migrating spreadsheets to the cloud made a lot of sense. We are currently implementing a business solution that works for him so he can continue to do what he does best. He was the one who identified the problem and quickly realized the solution wasn’t going to be research dozens of software application and pick one. No, the solution was to stay focused on HIPA while leverage the IA Business Advisors team to help roll out the solution which ultimately helped him migrate all of his spreadsheets to FreshBooks. This will help to create a collaborative, cloud based solution for he and his wife to use to manage their thriving real estate firm.

As a FreshBooks Certified Consultant, I can help solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, wanna-be-preneurs, and established businesses owners stay focused on their HIPA. Part of this is helping determine which financial software is the best solution for them. With iPhone apps to send invoices and multi level access, FreshBooks could be the right solution for you.

Want a free trial of Freshbooks? I can help with that too.

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