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Customized Consulting Services to Fit Your Needs

Are your business operations what you want them to be? Sometimes the issues are clear; you can identify the reason your business is not running correctly but you don’t know how to make a change that will last, or without causing additional problems. Other times you just have a feeling that your company is not performing like it should be, but you’re not exactly sure what is causing the feeling or what to do about the issue. IA Business Advisors can help to quickly identify issues and create resolutions that are cost effective, efficient, and will work in your organization.

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We could not claim to be a successful company if we were not great teachers. We take a mentorship approach towards consulting and back that up with a very detailed training program. We teach lifelong lessons about running a business the right way. Not only do we provide the tools, we provide the guidance and knowledge to create future mentors that will only solidify the foundation of our clients’ businesses and those of the companies lucky enough to hire one of our trainees.

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Do you want to start a business? We have helped hundreds of people begin to live their dream of running their own business. Not only do we help you begin, but we also provide you with the tools to be successful from day one. When you engage with us you don’t just get a company name and logo, you get a partner that has worked with thousands of companies around the world and a plan that will make sure your business opens the first day; ready to take on your new customers, and keep them, while ensuring that your entire organization will continue to run efficiently in the right direction.

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For those of you who have built successful businesses, you might be wondering what your next steps should be to grow your business. Choosing the proper trajectory for your company can be difficult, and it largely depends on your industry, your available resources, and the amount of time, money, and sweat equity you want to pour into expanding your business. We’ve helped companies of all sizes realize and overcome their growing pains, and we can do the same for you!

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While making your operations efficient, helping our clients start up their business and grow are all transitions. We define transition as: a decision to change the overall leadership or personality of part or the entire organization. Transitions occur with mergers or acquisitions, and we pride ourselves on our ability to meld organizations together. Another key transition is succession planning, by which an owner passes his or her company to a relative, business partner, employee, or new owner; this is an event that can have a dramatic negative affect if not done correctly from day one.

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If your business is in trouble, we may be able to help you.  If your business is in a position to be saved, we will do it.  Our approach towards business operations and experience with rebuilding and guiding a struggling company helps to not only turn around difficult times, but to establish a plan where success becomes something that is carried out every day.  Our rescue program creates a viable, long-term business if applied to a business with potential.

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Business Solutions When You Need Them Most

Do you have a strategic problem you just can’t solve? To meet the needs of companies like yours that need professional advice but don’t want to pay by the hour for simple operating questions we have built a unique consulting platform that allows you to access our expertise and resources on demand. This innovative approach to business consulting is built on our philosophy that great business services should not be cost prohibitive to business owners and managers. Stop paying by the hour for routine business questions that can be answered in a single email or text message.

Our online network operations center is available for around-the-clock access to help you resolve your business issues or improve your business operations. We become your business partner on your time at an affordable price, so you can start, grow, and run your business efficiently. These plans are highly customizable, giving you, your managers, and your employees access to sound advice on an as-needed basis. Contact us to learn more.

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Improved Business Performance by Design

Our team begins by mapping out a comprehensive report on your company so that we can see the big picture and assess any problematic areas. To help guide our identification of areas of concern, we use our own proprietary consulting methodology: BIZVision.

BIZVision provides a lens through which we see our clients and teach them to see themselves. It was born out of a methodology created in 1995 called BITPro, short for Business Process Information Technology Process Review. BITPro looked at the integration of business process and technology as a way to resolve where technology implementations were failing due to a lack of fitting into a company’s “way of doing business.” BITPro identified the procedural gaps and allowed for proactive changes to be integrated into either the business process or the technology. However, through hundreds of company change projects, we learned that people influence business process much more than what BITPro or any other review process was identifying. For example, we learned that the average person has three to six different actions to a common procedure; each influenced by his or her immediate physical and emotional surroundings.

BIZVision takes a refined, holistic view on the integration of people, process, and technology. We seek to understand not just the operational components of how your business is managed, but also your unique company culture and how that culture was created and matured. We consider the intricacies that make your entire team tick, and how they use any structure provided to accomplish the goal of your organization. BIZVision will identify gaps in process or technology, as well as conflict within the system, including human conflict.

People are the foundation of each company. Process is the organization and structure that guide people, and technology is comprised of the tools we use in business. People are unknowns that bring complexity to each situation. Understanding where people are best positioned in an organization is the common denominator in all successful companies, and we use BIZVision to ensure our clients are successful in this regard.

To learn how to apply BIZVision to your company please contact us today!

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