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Dr. Brian Smith - Your New Business Guru

Dr. Brian Smith - Your New Business Guru

Dr. Brian & Renè Smith

Senior Managing Partners

Since 1988 Brian has helped business owners and managers at companies of all sizes make decisions that help them grow personally and as an organization. He has a PhD in Organizational Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems, a BSBA in Accounting, and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Consultant.

There is nothing more important than what you are doing at this moment, it’s the time you have to make your best decision!

My family has been and always will be my passion. I have been blessed with three amazing children and a beautiful wife who never ceases to amaze me. Renè and I have been married since 1992, and since then she has been the glue that holds my life (and this office) together.

Beyond my family I also have a love of cooking, baseball, and reading.

Reading is perhaps my favorite pastime, I take a short break from work every day to read. I love Red Storm Rising for fiction and would highly recommend reading The e-Myth for business.

The three rings symbolize our core philosophy that business is built on three interconnected things: People, Process, and Technology. The occasional addition of the 6 and σ to the rings demonstrates our belief in a consulting methodology known as Six Sigma and our commitment to error-free consulting.

My favorite project was working with 3D Geophysical. I first got to fly around the world to complete what we now call BizVision. Then I got to design an ERP system and all of its infrastructure for the company in 14 states and 12 countries.  The entire time I was tasked with this, I was a member of the executive team that raised over $100 million from two IPOs and helped to integrate six new aquisitions into the company family; it was a wild 18 months that set the stage for who we are today.

Lisbon, Portugal is by far my favorite travel destination. First, the weather is perfect. Second, the food and wine are second to none. But it’s the people and culture that seal the deal. Its unique integration of European and African peoples make for a diverse culture that welcomes you with sights, sounds, flavors, and a friendliness rarely felt as a foreigner.

A Think Tank for Business Innovation

A Think Tank for Business Innovation

Brian began his career as an accountant who did not enjoy public accounting.  After a short term at a Big 6 Accounting Firm, he started Business Accounting Solutions in 1988, which he later sold to Cornerstone Consulting Group. Recognizing the need many small businesses had for sound management advice, Brian went on to found IA Business Advisors as a think tank to develop customized yet affordable management solutions driven by our focus on people, process, and technology.

Our client base has always been varied, ranging from large companies like Boeing Aircraft and Harrah’s Entertainment, to small, local businesses.  When the Great Recession hit in 2008 we began to work with businesses in trouble due to the economic decline who struggled to afford consulting services. Recognizing this, Brian began offering on demand consulting services, in which businesses hindered by a strained economic environment and a restricted budget could consult with our company on an hourly basis for a very low fee. This service became so popular that we have continued it to this day.

Global Reach. Local Touch.

Global Reach. Local Touch.

Locations In: Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Washington D.C., Grand Cayman

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Improved Business Performance by Design

Improved Business Performance by Design

Our team begins by mapping out a comprehensive report on your company so that we can see the big picture and assess any problematic areas. To help guide our identification of areas of concern, we use our own proprietary consulting methodology: BIZVision.

BIZVision provides a lens through which we see our clients and teach them to see themselves. It was born out of a methodology created in 1995 called BITPro, short for Business Process Information Technology Process Review. BITPro looked at the integration of business process and technology as a way to resolve where technology implementations were failing due to a lack of fitting into a company’s “way of doing business.” BITPro identified the procedural gaps and allowed for proactive changes to be integrated into either the business process or the technology. However, through hundreds of company change projects, we learned that people influence business process much more than what BITPro or any other review process was identifying. For example, we learned that the average person has three to six different actions to a common procedure; each influenced by his or her immediate physical and emotional surroundings.

BIZVision takes a refined, holistic view on the integration of people, process, and technology. We seek to understand not just the operational components of how your business is managed, but also your unique company culture and how that culture was created and matured. We consider the intricacies that make your entire team tick, and how they use any structure provided to accomplish the goal of your organization. BIZVision will identify gaps in process or technology, as well as conflict within the system, including human conflict.

People are the foundation of each company. Process is the organization and structure that guide people, and technology is comprised of the tools we use in business. People are unknowns that bring complexity to each situation. Understanding where people are best positioned in an organization is the common denominator in all successful companies, and we use BIZVision to ensure our clients are successful in this regard.

To learn how to apply BIZVision to your company please contact us today!

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