Want to get your Solutions?

Consulting’s latest buzzword should not be taken lightly. Here at IA Business Advisors, we have extensive experience offering, what we have called for 25 years, On-Your-Shoulder Executive Support. Our team can be there to provide support, validation, or be a sounding board to questions that arise during the process of making high-level executive decisions.

  • Do you need a part-time team member?

With IA Business Advisors, you get our whole team at your team’s convenience.

When you're faced with a problem, you can use our team to help you come up with a solution, make decisions, brainstorm ideas, research, and whatever else you and your team need help with. All you have to do is hire us! We are able to supplement areas of your business where you need the most help.


We’ve been helping businesses with this latest buzzword in the consulting industry for 25 years. We call it: On-Your-Shoulder Executive Support.

Fractional CEO

Company leadership and cultural issues typically trickle from the top down. IA Business Advisors have been immersed in the following industries: Manufacturing, Professional Services, Medicine, Distribution, Food Service, Hospitality, and Transportation.

Fractional COO

Operational efficiency is led by the COO and carried out by their team. IA Business Advisors have tremendous experience developing and executing business efficiency. We can help develop an organized culture without sacrificing quality, safety, or profits.

Fractional CFO

Financial management is an art and science all in one. Understanding how to collect, manage, and store sensitive financial data is imperative when conveying the performance of an organization’s operations. IA Business Advisors have the experience to help develop and implement financial standards to enable a company to make timely decisions.

Fractional CMO

Marketing is all about clear and precise communication. Messages are only as good as its ability to be effectively understood by its target audience. IA Business Advisors immerse in the company culture to get a clear understanding of the company’s vision and purpose. We can create a comprehensive strategy that includes verbiage and visuals, combined with other tools, to deliver a proper message to your target audience.

Fractional CIO

Technology is part of the foundation of modern businesses, third only to people and process. Understanding how technology can benefit or harm an organization is critical in today’s world where often people choose Technology for Technologies Sake. IA Business Advisors have amassed a reputation for not only choosing the perfect technology but managing its implementation.

What are fractional business solutions?

As business consultants, IA Business Advisors have mastered several other job titles through our 25 years of service. That’s why we offer our clients fractional solutions, or what we like to call over-the-shoulder executive support. This gives our clients the option to use us as a tool for more than just “consulting.” We are able to help our clients with implementing technology, project management, bookkeeping, internal and external development, and so much more. We fill in the cracks of your business so you can keep operating smoothly. This gives us the opportunity to do what we do best: Influence.

Our team can influence your team as we merge together to keep your business up and running. We are positive, educated, and capable individuals with a passion for seeing businesses succeed. After all, businesses are the life blood of our entire country. Allow us to become a vital member of your team to lead and steer your company towards goals and objectives. Our fractional executive services give you the opportunity to move your company forward without depleting your funds. Hiring our team to fill in the gaps is financially cheaper than hiring a full-time employee, without sacrificing quality, drive, and passion.