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fractional team member

Does Your Business Need a Fractional Team Member?

For over 25 years, we have offered our clients, what we like to call, on-your-shoulder executive support, but you probably know of this service by its more common names: fractional executive solutions, fractional C-suite, or fractional team member. But what exactly does this mean? Fractional, meaning something used for a fraction of the time instead of full time, is a way of providing service to our clients for exactly what they need; no more and no less. For example, this can include cashflow forecasting, policy and procedure development, risk management, and more. This saves our clients’ money since they partner with professionals skilled in C-suite services and don’t need to pay for a full-time or part-time team member. You may be wondering if your business could benefit from using a fractional team member. If so, you’re in the right place.

What Does “Fractional Team Member” Mean?

Fractional solutions are when you bring in an outsourced team member to help fill the gaps in your business. This is especially helpful in small businesses where it’s often difficult to afford hiring multiple part-time or full-time employees. Outsourcing this work to IA Business Advisors means saving money because you won’t be spending time doing the work yourself or stressing about hiring and onboarding a new employee. You only pay for the work that we do; you can choose to pay us on a time and materials basis or purchase a block of time at a discounted rate. Freeing up your time as a business owner or manager is imperative to working on strengthening your business.

How is a Fractional Team Member Beneficial?

Most business owners are not equipped to handle accounting, HR, technology, marketing, and sales all at the same time – nor should they have to be. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a fractional team member is getting your time back in order to spend it doing things that align with your influence. This means you are setting your business up to get ahead of the competition. You may still have to wear many hats, but you won’t be doing it alone when you partner with IA Business Advisors. Just contact us today to set up a free consultation; we would love to learn about you and your business!

What Do Fractional Services Look Like?

When you’re faced with a problem, our team can help you brainstorm ideas, research, come up with a solution, help make a decision, and connect you with resources to help your team succeed. We have mastered several job titles as business consultants, including but not limited to: CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CSO, and CIO. We fill in the cracks of your business so you can keep operating smoothly. This gives us the opportunity to do what we do best: Influence.

Our team influences your team as we work together to keep your business up and running. We are transparent, educated, and capable individuals with a passion for seeing businesses succeed. One of our tenets is immersing ourselves in your company’s culture so that we don’t disrupt it but instead we nurture and uphold it. Since 1996, we have offered our clients fractional services to ensure they feel supported, validated, and like they have a team behind them that they can count on when difficult decisions arise.

Allow us to become a vital member of your team to advise your company towards defined S.M.A.R.T. goals, objectives, and management. When you work with our team you get convenient, considerate service while paying only for the time spent working with us. Contact us today to learn more about your fractional team member needs!