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The Importance of Managing Clients’ Expectations


One of the most important parts of business is managing your clients’ expectations. I’m going to unpack 4 reasons why it’s so important.

Boosts Profitability

Discussing due dates with your client and then communicating that to your staff will help create the roadmap to successful delivery. When your staff has a clear action plan for delivering services, everyone can work more efficiently. The hesitation and guesswork is eliminated.

Reinforces the Process

When you can clearly articulate the process of how a service or product is delivered (all the way from the ending of your first conversation, to the client being happy with the deliverable), it reinforces the fact that you have done this before and there’s a proven way to do it. It demonstrates to the client that your process is time tested and refined. Reinforcing the process also gives the client clear expectations and opportunities to understand everything that is going to happen to deliver their desired product or service.

Reestablishes the Professional “Been there, done that”

When you can proactively manage a clients’ expectations, you show them that you have been down this road before and know what you’re doing. No client wants to be the first one, and most business owners want to show clients that they are professionals. This is probably the most important reason why proactively managing expectations with terms like, “Most clients want…” “What usually happens is…” or even, “I want you to know when…” helps manage expectations and reestablished your professionalism

Happy Clients and Happy Employees

Managing your clients’ expectations helps them sleep better. They may never thank you for it, but everyone wants to be reassured that “It’s going to get done.” Your employees will be happier too. They will have less client complaints to worry about and also be able to operate within a predefined framework that will breed success.

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