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Spreading Positive Influence in The Office

This month kicked off our Spreading Positive Influence Series where our clients discussed the ways in which we have positively influenced them and their business. We believe it is not only important to influence your clients but to influence your team! It’s important to be a positive influence to the people you interact with, manage, and conduct daily projects with.

How You Can Positively Affect Your Team

Whether we know it or not we are always making an impact in the workplace. The question stands: Is it a positive one? While we know everyone communicates and interacts differently, there are ways to make sure you are always positively affecting your team at work. Get to know your coworkers, make an effort to get to know your team, reach out and learn about their lives outside of the office. Ask your team members lighthearted questions about life and their interests. You may even have a team lunch now and again! 

Take Accountability

Being a positive influence means you aren’t afraid to admit when you’re wrong, or don’t know the answer to something. Claiming you are perfect and never make mistakes is not going to give your team a good impression of you or help you spread positive influence. Instead, continuously try to better yourself and grow by taking the opportunity to listen to learn new skills and information. Show that you care enough to invest in yourself and what you are doing for the benefit of the team. Strive to grow by being honest with yourself and your teammates about the areas or topics that you don’t know enough about and want to improve in. 

Look to the Future

It’s important to take note of how things are presently and to build your influence by reflecting on the present and looking ahead to improve. Gauging what you and your team are capable of, assessing the goals you want to reach, and inspiring other team members by influencing them, are some of the ways that you can bring positivity to your company. Looking towards future opportunities and improvements can be great ways to continue to spread your positive influence in the office. You and your team will be able to see the future as something bright!

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