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Press Pause for Positivity

Written by: Brian Smith & Mary Smith

One thing that stands out more than prior to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order is the amount of negativity. This great pause has left people with a lot more time on their hands, as well as uncertainty. Our individual influence has the chance to save the day. Our influence can infect the nation with positivity instead of negativity, and it’s just as contagious as COVID-19.

This great pause has allowed us to come up with unique ways to collaborate, meet our needs, and achieve our goals. For example, our grocery stores have altered their schedules and created opportunities for those that are at greater risk to come and shop without there being too many people. These businesses are providing a positive opportunity to those who need it most.

Spending more time collaborating and being creative is also positive. Before COVID-19, most of us were lost in the noise and chaos of our own lives. We all fall prey to the comfortable focus of our daily life, often missing what is going on around us. COVID-19 has forced us to become innovative in the way we work and think. It’s made us slow down and helps us realize several things we may have been missing. Never before have we been given this massive opportunity for pause.

This pause has affected how we think and perceive. Before COVID-19, people accepted the opinion media. Media is almost always focused on pushing their beliefs and disparaging those who don’t agree with them. This is because they know that negativity sells. We didn’t question this negative noise before COVID-19, mainly because we didn’t have time. However, now that people have the time to dissect and absorb the negativity, they are pushing back with positivity.

Recently, John Krasinski started SGN (SomeGoodNews) on YouTube. When my wife showed me his first video, I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to have someone with public influence use it for positivity. He’s one of the most visible people that I can make an example of, but he certainly isn’t the only one. Around the world people are pushing to spread positivity to keep humanity from being bogged down in the negativity. We need more people like this.

If more publicly influential people, like politicians, used their influence for positivity, how would that affect us? COVID-19 handed government officials an opportunity to come together in a positive way to benefit our country, and some of them are taking it seriously while others are using it to further their own political and personal agendas. It would be nice if our politicians would unite, listen to their constituents, and work together for America as their positions were intended to.

Another positive born from COVID-19 is learning that the issues we face are not democratic or republican, they are American. We have had our blinders on for long enough. Now that life has slowed down, we recognize the influence others have on us that we never would have acknowledged before. Things like our grocery store, toilet paper manufacturers, restaurants, and let’s not forget our healthcare professionals on the front lines. We now recognize the weight of these needs and the influence they have on us.

As we all lean on those closest to us, we realize that positivity is all around us. We do not need the government, influencers, and other famous individuals to fulfill our efforts to find happiness (minus John, we still need SGN). We are realizing that we need much less than we thought and the positivity that does surround us means more as we can begin to fully appreciate it.

Now is a time where we can all lead with positivity. We shouldn’t use negative influence to sway people or events. We can turn lemons into lemonade. Find the positivity in your day and show gratitude. We are all grappling over the loss of something, so when you see negativity choose to inject positivity. Do it for yourself. The simple law of attraction is if you think positive, you will live positive. If you need a boost, watch SGN.

One simple, positive comment or action can change the present moment. We all have influence. We are byproducts of our environments, which means that we can change our environments too. It just takes one person to spread positivity and affect change. Like COVID-19, positivity is contagious. Go out and spread the positivity (while keeping a social distance, of course).

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