Are you ready to partner with another company?

Sometimes, companies determine that they would be more successful if they merged or partnered with another company; however, these mergers often fail due to a lack of research and planning. IA Business Advisors have helped hundreds of companies successfully merge into one, proficient, operating team.

  • Does your company want to expand?

Another way companies grow and merge is by buying out their competition or companies that are similar in the market they wish to enter; this is known as an acquisition. These types of purchases (or acquisitions) often fail due to a lack of research and planning. IA Business Advisors can ensure your acquisition goes smoothly for both sides.

We develop a due diligence process that goes far deeper than the simple metrics of an organization. We look at more than just the financials; we look at the people and processes to gain a deep understanding prior to the merger or acquisition occurring.

Mergers &

We have been involved in hundreds of merger and acquisition projects.

Due Diligence

We help you prepare for the melding of two or more companies prior to committing to the change.


We can help ensure that each individual team is ready to work cohesively as a new team to reach new company goals.

BizVision Organizational Chart

Our unique BizVision process will help us identify each team’s composition and where conflict may occur.


When your teams are ready to meld after the merger or acquisition, we make sure the integration goes smoothly.

Marketing Strategy

Once your two+ companies have merged successfully, we help you introduce the merged/acquired company to your market.

What are Mergers & Acquisitions?

During mergers and acquisitions, companies often forget about their foundation: people and process. These are the two things that need the most attention during this huge transition, and IA Business Advisors are proficient in focusing on your foundation to keep you organized. Our unique BizVision process pinpoints the metrics, processes, and people that will be the driving force behind the success of your merger or acquisition.

IA Business Advisors was born out of our founder’s experience on a mergers and acquisitions team for a large NASDAQ traded company in the 1990s. After helping several acquisitions of small businesses around the world, our founder learned the importance of balance in the due diligence process – balancing the focus on metrics, as well as policy, procedure, people, process, and technology. We have been involved in hundreds of merger and acquisition projects since our conception in 1996, and over 90 percent of those companies remain viable enterprises today.