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How to Leverage a Logo for Serious ROI

Written by: Matt Wilhelmi

A business’s logo is the most important branding piece any business can have. Everyone remembers great logos like Nike or Starbucks. A poorly designed logo can have the exact opposite effect, too. The number one rule for a logo, even more important than the design itself, is the clarity. When your graphic designer creates your logo, it’s imperative to get the Vector File for this logo. Without the Vector File, you will not be able to have a consistently clear logo for your social pages or your company’s letterhead.


A distinctive logo will aid in selling your brand. Your logo literally creates your brand and should tell people that there’s more to your operation than just you, even if you are a solopreneur. A trained designer can design an attention grabbing visual by utilizing design elements that can be used separately or come together to create a great logo system for your brand.


Usually, logos are made of an icon or symbol. This can be used alone, but usually not until your business or product is well known, like Nike. Their logo is an excellent example of the type of imagery you can create through a powerful Logo. The image can be as simple as Nike’s logo or as complicated as Starbucks’.


Until your logo is as powerful as Nike’s, it should be accompanied by the business or product name in the form of simple or stylized text. Your logo might even consist of stylized text without a graphic icon in the form of a Logotype or Wordmark. Disney’s logo and Star Wars’ logo are ideal for this type of messaging.


Your logo combined with the messaging form a cohesive logo system. Statefarm uses their messaging with their logo to create a comprehensive logo system. Another example is Apple’s “Think Different” logo system.


Using a designer’s knowledgebase in methods such as color theory, type setting, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques will get the attention of your target audience. When creating the logo, be sure to choose a designer with traditional skills with a mix of modern methods. A great logo designer should be very familiar with tools like Adobe and Corel.

Leveraging your logo for serious ROI takes time and a little intentionality. The first part of generating an ROI is keeping the costs down. This doesn’t mean you should try and create your logo without a designer. What it means is that your logo doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars to produce. Great designers can complete a logo system for under $1,000 or, in some cases, less than $500.

Use your logo to generate PR by asking friends, clients, and referral sources to give feedback on a couple different color options while you’re designing it. Already designed the logo? Make sure to prominently display it on your social media pages, business cards, letterhead, invoices, and anywhere else people might look. Need more inspiration for how to use your logo? Try goofing around with it on a free image editor app and post the result on Facebook or LinkedIn with a silly tagline. It could be black and white, fatter or skinnier, or digitized with various funny captions about what happened to the logo.

Just remember that your logo is your brand. If you want to generate serious ROI, the logo needs to take on a life of its own.

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