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7 Steps of the IA Business Advisors Secret Sauce


While meeting with a friend over my last eggnog latte of the year, he asked me what the secret to our success was. He wanted to know what went into the IA Business Advisors “Secret Sauce” of consulting and how it all works.

Providing great consulting services doesn’t happen by chance. It’s methodical and intentional. We realize that our education is only a prerequisite in being allowed the opportunity to assist with growing businesses. Experience is our (not so secret) secret ingredient. Here are the 7 steps:

Step 1) BizVision Methodology

It provides a framework and platform for everything we do. It begins the relationships with our clients in the right way. Asking important and foundational questions that relate to the overall objectives of a business is part of the BizVision Methodology. It also helps us create and remain focused on a plan for successfully implementing business solutions that work.

Step 2) Big Picture Focused

While a business may have an immediate need, we work to understand the reason behind how that need came to be. In other words, by understanding the big picture of a company, and not staying compartmentalized, we can more efficiently provide solutions. This ability to think globally while working on a single issue helps us deliver a greater ROI to our clients.

Step 3) Breakdown Various Data

With our cumulative experiences we have the wherewithal to understand a multitude of different types of data. Data can come in the form of responses, staff interview questions, and cash flow reports from financial software. Whether qualitative or quantitative, we use the data to respond quickly and effectively. Various types of data also helps us understand how processes are used within a business and ultimately how they may be improved.

Step 4) Bolster Trust and Confidence

Throughout the consulting process, we tend to uncover sensitive information about our clients. Rest assured that we always maintain the highest levels of confidentiality. Being respectful to every staff member, contractor, or vendor is also an important part of our methodology. With the experience we bring to each consulting engagement, our clients get to experience the reliable service we deliver. Availability is another way we work our methodology. Our clients concerns are our top priority and we are always responsive to their concerns, questions, and comments.

Step 5) Bring Accurate Deliverables

Each project comes with a list of specific steps and deliverables. By sticking to the plan and providing high quality reports, our clients are able to realize the value we bring at every step of the process. As our relationships tend to evolve and other issues arise, we prioritize our projects based on client expectations of deadlines and budget concerns.

Step 6) Bill Appropriately

We love working with clients of all sizes. From grassroots startups to multimillion dollar organizations, our happy clients are very diverse in both annual revenue and history in business. We understand budget concerns and find solutions that work. Because we have the proper systems and checkpoints already established, we work very efficiently; we may not be as expensive as you think! We believe that paying for results is more psychologically rewarding than struggling with free guidance. Having skin in the game and being accountable to deliver a result is great business for both sides of the transaction.

Step 7) Build a Fan-Base

As with any sales cycle, the job isn’t finished when the client is satisfied. By working so diligently with our clients, we tend to receive a lot of referrals and recommendations organically. Our clients love us because we integrate people, process, and technology into their business, and they get to experience the long lasting results.

If you are ready for a substantial business upgrade and want to work with an experienced team of consultants, contact us so we can help you build your business.

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