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6 Mistakes Your Blog is Making

Written by: Matt Wilhelmi

Many aspects go into writing a blog article. It can be easy to overlook formatting details and many people do. Different readers value different aspects of a blog, but they are usually knowledgeable about blogging standards. Typically, the aspects to consider are your audience, tone, content, length, level of audience engagement, and analytics.

Here are the 6 mistakes your blog is making:

  • Writing for too broad of an audience. Write your blog article as if you’re having a conversation with your ideal prospect. Writing this way will inspire audience loyalty.
  • Blog posts are too formal. You need to be more conversational. Punctuation rules are optional. Short sentences can create a more casual tone. Using the word “you” can also be helpful.

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  • Topics are always about you, your company, or how awesome you are. You should write about topics you think your target market is interested in. Educate them. Don’t have every blog article read like a sales script for your company.
  • Blog posts are too long. Ideally, you should be able to read the entire blog article within 7 minutes. Another rule of thumb is to keep the blog articles between 300 and 1,000 words. You can keep the word count down by writing light explanations for your points. This strategy also holds reader interest.
  • Forgetting to engage your audience. A great blog is one with a lot of views and comments. Ask your readers to leave a comment or have your topic so polarizing that people can’t help but leave their feedback.

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  • Forgetting to track and measure the analytics. Google Analytics are free and super easy to use for any blog. After adding them to your blog articles, you should be able to tell which ones people are reading and how long they are staying on your page. This helps to formulate future topics that your target audience finds relevant.

Your purpose should be to inform, educate, and call to action. If the blog informs the reader on an issue they are interested in, it should be clear to them that your business is a great choice. A blog is meant to be written in a more casual style to promote discussion about you and your topic.

We would love to hear your comments on what you think is often overlooked in blog articles, and how they can be improved.

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