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4 Reasons IA Business Advisors Comes Before Investors


Are you at the critical juncture in your business life cycle where seeking investors is becoming more of a reality? Maybe you’ve called a friend of a friend to see if there’s interest. Perhaps you don’t know where to begin. If you are even remotely interested in seeing if there’s value in seeking external financial support to grow your business, then you need to read these four reasons to discuss what you’re trying to accomplish with the expert consultants at IA Business Advisors.


How often, if ever, have you tried to find investors? Think it’s as easy it looks on TV? Not only can our team of consultants at IA Business Advisors help you find quality investors, we also have the experience to know how to package your business effectively. From implementing key processes to drive up evaluations, to cleaning up accounting records, there are many ways the experience of a business consultant far outweighs the cost.


Negotiating from a position of strength makes a substantial difference in seeking investors. If you haven’t had an independent business evaluation, you should contact IA Business Advisors. There are several tools and metrics that we know investors like to see and they will help you negotiate from a higher position. Being prepared and professional is perhaps the most important way to position your business as a tremendous investment option.


Seeking investors is only part of the equation. After you’ve found someone who’s willing to give you money, did you perform enough market research to ensure you’ve evaluated your business appropriately? Maybe you are about to give up too much equity. Maybe the terms aren’t cash flow friendly. With quality research, we can provide a competitive analysis, industry trends report, a detailed business plan, and long term strategic management vision. Quality investors will want to see more than a profit and loss statement.


If you can find one or two investors who are interested in your business, would you be able to determine which one is better? It’s not always who can offer more money. With our network of hundreds of venture capitalists, we not only know what they are looking for in a great opportunity, we know what intangibles to look for when selecting an investor. An investor’s relevant background, industry expertise, and business vision all need to be evaluated, in addition to their financial offer, before finalizing a contract.

If seeking an investor is the next step to growing or saving your business, we would love to leverage our business experience, positing tactics, research abilities, and savvy connections to help you enjoy the benefits of a fruitful investor relationship. The IA Business Advisors team has helped hundreds of businesses place high quality investors and we want to help you too.

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