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3 Things you should be Thankful for This November


Thankful for Falling Gas Prices

According to Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis for the Oil Price Information Service, an outfit that keep tabs on energy pricing trends worldwide, gas prices are the lowest on Thanksgiving since 2004. This is sure to put some extra cheer in your checkbook. There’s no telling how low they will go or for how long they will stay at this level, but enjoy it while it lasts!

Thankful for an Online Presence

Don’t think you have/need an online presence? The lack of an online presence allows unhappy customers or your competition to give potential clients an unwanted first impression. A Redshift Research survey, commissioned by GoDaddy.com, shows that about 60 percent of businesses with one to five people don’t have a website. This is according to an inc.com article. Is your new years’ resolution to grow your business through online channels? We can help.

Thankful for a Fresh Start in 2016

Speaking of News Years’ resolutions, did you accomplish as many goals as you’d like this year? In just a few weeks, you can start over!

In a Sept 2015 survey of Inc 500 CEOs, 83% said their primary goal is scaling their business. Not sustaining or selling. Is your primary goal for 2016 to scale? Not sure what is meant by scaling? A recent article I wrote is about the fundamental part of business growth: Documenting Service Procedures.

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