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your business doctor

Your Business Doctor

When you have an issue with your body, you choose the appropriate doctor to see. If your mouth hurts, you see a dentist; if your feeling unwell and don’t know why, you see a primary care physician. But have you ever considered where you’re supposed to go when the health of your organization begins to decline? IA Business Advisors is Chicagoland’s #1 business doctor. When you have high employee turnover, are losing money, or can’t seem to grow despite a seemingly healthy business, IA Business Advisors is your go-to partner. Like other doctors, we start by identifying the issue. From there, we make recommendations for remediation. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which recommendations you implement for the health of your business.

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Identifying the Issue

IA Business Advisors starts by diagnosing the problems in your business. We do this through our trademarked BizVision™ process, which is essentially an in-depth dive into the inner workings of your organization, your team, and the processes and policies your team and organization operate under. Like your doctor, we ask lots of questions to understand your business in totality. This allows us to understand your perspective. From here, we immerse ourselves in your company so we can identify if the issues you are noticing are the only issues present, or if there are other issues that may not be as obvious to you.

Identifying the root cause of your organization’s issues is the best and first step to remediating the issues and getting your business back on track to reach its goals. Once we have exhausted our questions and feel we have enough information to move forward with developing some treatment plan options, we will put together our top recommendations for helping your organization get back to a healthy state.

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Developing a Treatment Plan

IA Business Advisors has over twenty-five years of experience helping organizations develop the best treatment for the problems that prevent them from reaching their goals and growing influential in their industries. We analyze the information received during our BizVision™ process to identify the root cause (or causes) of issues in your organization. From here, we develop our list of recommendations. Our recommendation list is typically separated by priority, putting the items that must be done first in phase one of the play and recommendations that could be optional in phases two or three (depending on how your plan unfolds).

It is typically imperative that our recommendations are followed in a particular order, otherwise they could create more problems. We will communicate with you openly regarding which tasks should be completed first or in tandem with other tasks. However, while we will make several recommendations to help alleviate the pain points in your business, it is ultimately up to you to choose your business’s prescription. Like a doctor recommends treatments for you to be healthy, we can only recommend treatments for your business.

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Choosing a Prescription

We remain mindful to ensure that all our recommendations are made in a sequential order that would allow your organization to continue working with minimal disruption. This means we don’t put the cart before the horse. Our hope is that by engaging in our BizVision™ process, you will trust us to implement all our recommendations to help your organization become healthy. However, the treatment plan you choose to move forward with is completely customizable and up to you. Like your doctor, we will perform our due diligence and alert you of the issues that could occur should you not choose to implement our full recommendations. While a doctor can provide the best path forward, ultimately you choose how to handle the health of your business. IA Business Advisors would be honored to be trusted to implement all our recommendations to help your organization become and remain as healthy as possible.

Since businesses are considered entities, they need and deserve to have doctors to help diagnose their pain points and give recommendations to keep them healthy. Most stakeholders will appreciate the initiative taken to keep your business strong and working well. IA Business Advisors is Chicagoland’s #1 business doctor with over twenty-five years of business consulting experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business reach its goals.