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What is Business Operations Consulting?

Written by: Mary Smith

As business consultants, business operations are our forte. Since our beginning in 1996, we’ve offered operations consulting to companies who are struggling to keep their business viable. Our clients often wonder what is encompassed in operations consulting; what do IA Business Advisors help with? Operations consulting is advisory and/or implementation services that improve a company’s internal operations and performance in the value chain. We have been asked to help with operational strategy development, tactic development, policy & procedure development, change management, project management, outsourced accountability, support, and more.

Who is it for?

Operations consulting is for any business leaders, owners, and managers who do not know how to solve a company issue. Or, it could be that you don’t know what the issue is, you just know your business or an area of your business is failing. Sometimes business leaders, owners, and managers can find themselves in a position where they are stuck between a wall and a hard place. When business issues arise, it’s not always easy to find a solution for them. Luckily, we are skilled in helping our clients find solutions to any problems they may have; in fact, it’s our passion!

We have our own researched and tested method of reviewing the entirety of a company to learn all about the people, processes, and technology called BizVision. Our BizVision process allows us to take a deep dive into the workings of the whole company to discover any cracks, issues, or potential issues that could be affecting the company.

What can it do?

Business operations consulting is intended to balance out a business so that each sector supports one another cohesively. Internal operations need to be ready to support external operations. We aim to teach a balanced method of operational growth to support both internal and external operations. Operations consulting can also help with employee retention issues. Retention begins when you create a new job opportunity, not when your new hire starts on their first day. Understanding the position, and the people and processes that affect that position, allows you to find the right person to add to your team.

If you’re experiencing cash flow shortages, we can help measure, plan, and create policies and procedures to implement cash management programs that are successful. We can also help with leadership development and furthering your company’s influence in its industry. We develop leaders and positive influence the same way we develop leaders and positive influence in our company: by giving them the knowledge of people, process, and technology. Our book series, The I in Team Series, reflects our desire to help every leader find their positive influence.

IA’s Operations History

IA Business Advisors began solving operations issues by implementing analytical computer programs in the early 1990s. We quickly learned that not only did this new technology need some TLC, but so did the people and the processes. We have been using the same foundational method to develop organizational operational enhancements for our clients since 1996.

People and process are part of the foundation of any company. When implementing any kind of new technology, it’s imperative that the people using that technology know how it works. This way, they can work in tandem to better the company. Don’t forget about process! Process is the glue that holds everything together.

IA Business Advisors to the Rescue

If you can’t find a solution to your business problems, are having difficulty holding yourself or your team accountable, need validation before making a big decision, or need help performing due diligence, we are ready to help you. Our team of educated professionals is ready to stand in as your team, too. We have been helping our clients for 24 years solve various business operations issues. On top of that, our team is so large that it spans across the world. We have a vast network of team members and partners ready to help you. Contact us today to find out how!

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