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The Future of IA: 2019

Written by: Mary Smith

We are on our last leg of 2018; some of us have welcomed the cold, others have gotten snow, and some of us are already planning for 2019. Well, we have actually been planning for 2019 for almost a year! When we started writing our first book, Individual Advantages: Find the “I” in Team, we knew we would want to write a second (and a third!) book. Our second book is due to come out in 2019.

Individual Advantages: Be the “I” in Team is about applying the lessons from the first and second book to your life. It’s about “being” the influence that you want to see in your world. Once you have slowed down, reflected on yourself and your life, and become more honest with yourself, you will have the foundation to explore and apply the philosophies of positive and influential leaders. A sneak peak of some lessons we will be exploring are: composure/self-control, karma, delegation and choice. As in our first book, Be the “I” in Team will be a book of stories combined with philosophy; we believe this method helps people apply the lessons to their life for the long haul.

In support of our current book, we are also developing our new podcast and vlog program where once a week we will offer deeper insights into our book topics and discuss other real-world applications of the lessons we hope resonate with everyone who reads, watches, and listens. Our stories come from real world issues facing our clients every day.

IA continues to evolve as the business market and the way people do business changes. Our core work will continue to be organizational structure as it applies to people, process, technology and ideas.

Entering 2019 we support just under 1,200 clients world-wide. While our work is diverse, our approach remains very structured. We anticipate completing between thirty-five and fifty new BizVision reviews in 2019. BizVision is how we learn about our clients and how we show our clients a new approach towards understanding the operations of their business.

We also anticipate that we will grow our strategic marketing group to support over 100 clients. This team of professionals has been amazingly successful in 2018, and with two recent new hires right out of college we feel that we are in a unique position to serve clients looking to grow their market share in 2019.

Our strategic management group will continue to grow our business through FOC development and business process reengineering programs designed to make our clients more efficient, and operationally and financially successful. We enter 2019 with a number of ERP support projects, as well as some new BizVision programs.

Our coaching and mentorship practice will support both our strategic marketing and strategic management teams. This is where Brian spends most of his time, overseeing the consulting groups and interfacing with clients at high levels to ensure that the teams and clients receive the full benefit of the intended project plans.

Finally, IA will continue to integrate its acquisition of Sharp Point Accounting & Bookkeeping into its business plan. Sharp Point offers IA the ability to provide accounting and bookkeeping services to clients throughout the United States.

Goodbye 2018, hello 2019. We are ready for you.

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