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Why Spend Time Creating an Effective New Hire Onboarding Program?

Written by: Brian Smith

New hire onboarding sets up the trajectory for individual members of a company, so it has quite a significant impact on the trajectory of your company as a whole. An effective new hire onboarding program can enhance company culture, shorten the learning curve, improve engagement, increase retention, and of course, improve your bottom line.

Employees want to love their job. You want them to love their job. Therefore, one of the focuses of a training program should be cultivating a positive experience, because a lasting first impression sets them up for success. A strong training program should also be focused on providing incoming employees with the tools they will need to exceed expectations in their job duties, build emotional investment in their new company, and have a good understanding of the company’s values.

Shorten the Learning Curve

Identify what new employees need to get acclimated to the company’s processes as well as succeed in their individual position and provide them with that information. The best way to accomplish this is to present the information in a variety of different mediums. New hires learn a lot in the first week and providing information in multiple ways will increase retention. Giving them a variety of introductory videos, procedural documents, shadowing experience, and hands on practice will be much more effective and engaging than just a stack of manuals. It is also a good idea to present the new hire with an over view of what training will entail; sort of a table of contents that lets them know what to expect.

Improve Engagement and Retention

Engagement is everything. An engaged employee looks forward to coming to work and it shows in their results. Hiring new employees can be expensive. That is why employee engagement and retention are top priorities for most organizations. Increasing employee retention through an effective onboarding process can save money!

A section of the onboarding program should cover the company’s vision and values. If every new team member knows them, you’ll likely see the company working toward them at an increased rate. This may also inspire initial loyalty and a sense of purpose. Make sure the new employee feels welcome! Task a team member to ensure the new hire has a set up work station, knows the break policy, and has someone to go to with their questions. This will promote engagement from the beginning of their time with the company.

It is also a great idea to have a plan to continue education. There are many options for continuing education including conferences, online training courses, and monthly email updates. Continued education reminds team members that they are valued and that the company they work for has promise.

Improve the Bottom Line

Engaged employees are more productive. They are more likely to exceed expectations. They are more likely to provide the customer with an exceptional experience that in return retains clients. Highly engaged employees also represent the company better, meaning more clients are eager to start working with you. Creating a strong onboarding program promotes overall company success. Ultimately, a well-trained employee leads to a higher return on investment.

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