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Managing a Brand Change at IA

Written by: Brian Smith

All change is difficult.  People generally do not like change, especially when the feeling is that nothing is wrong with the status quo.  As I write this month’s blog, I am faced with explaining a lot more change than what was planned.  I put off writing this until the day after our elections: not to gloat or complain, but to emphasize the process of change.

A few years ago IA sold our largest operating unit that was based in Texas.  When this happened we lost over 500 employees and contractors and faced an uncertain future as we identified what kind of company would remain. We attempted the revival of operating brands YourBizDr.Com and LogoBrandMarket.Com but quickly learned that operating brands are much different than product brands.

As Individual Advantages continued to grow and add employees across the country, I determined that we needed a brand that our target market could identify with, and understand who and what we are from first glance; Individual Advantages has an amazing following but our newfound markets could not understand what we do.  Our company name has a definitive meaning; there are advantages in each person, process, and technology in every organization, both individually and individually-together as an organization.  IA helps people and organizations realize these advantages.

To take us into the future and give our team the best possible chance to succeed, I have decided to change our company name to IA Business Advisors.  This change properly identifies to our market and clients who we are: Advisors, Consultants, and Coaches.  Our core philosophy will remain in the advantage of integrating people, process, and technology on an individual and organizational basis.


However, a name change and clearly written corporate vision do not a good company make.  People are the foundation of success in all organizations.  IA is over twenty years old and with our new name comes new people.  We have added some very talented and intelligent people to IA in 2016.  On the West Coast we have added Braden Zoet as a Junior Associate.  Braden has already made a dramatic difference to our organization by setting a high standard for our marketing consulting and driving our teams to reach and maintain that standard.

In Chicago we have added a number of amazing people.  Matthew Wilhelmi is another very talented Junior Associate who is setting his own high standards on our operational and management consulting operations.  Matt is also developing a coaching style that is being embraced by a number of new clients in the region.  We also have added some very talented and driven support associates.  Ms. Sarah Weldon provides invaluable support to our Chicago team by providing organizational and creative thinking, and operational support.  Ms. Sarita Buck is an intern working in our Chicago office who, in addition to providing both creative and operational support and thinking, has introduced a high level of excitement and energy to our team.  Ms. Brenda Alexander is an accounting and bookkeeping associate in our Chicago office who is shoring up our operational accounting support and consulting operations; she is also a huge Cubs fan and the only IA associate to brave the 5 million person crowd in Chicago and celebrate our city’s World Series Championship.

In Dallas we welcomed Mr. Isaiah Gardena to our team as a Web Design Associate.  Isaiah has already had a dramatic impact on our clients by reformatting and designing new web sites and other internet-based support pages.

I am also proud to introduce Mary Smith, my daughter, who upon graduating from college has joined us in Maryland as an Editor and Junior Associate.  Mary provides copy editing to our team as well as to our clients.  Additionally, Mary ghost writes Blogs and manages social platforms for clients across the country.

These highly educated and very talented individuals join our team of 68 consultants and offer our current and future clients the very best in advisory, consulting and coaching available today.

With our new brand we are introducing our new image.  Without losing our 20 year distinctive brand, we have designed a new image with a foundation from our past.  Our three interconnected rings remain and identify our philosophy: the integration of people, process, and technology.  We have also unveiled our new website: www.IABusinessAdvisors.Com.  This website has been designed in house by Mr. Zoet and identifies the depth of our talent and ability to build on a solid foundation.  We believe Braden has captured who we are as an organization and the spirit with which we intend to grow our organization and those of our clients.

Finally, IA still relies on its core consulting methodology of using structure and approaching all business issues objectively.  We will continue to utilize our BizVision methodology and build each client’s unique solution off of real data and forward-looking ideas, and implementing them in a structured manner that will ensure the best possible success.

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