Your single greatest responsibility is to understand and manage your (I)individual influence. When you recognize your power, you will use it wisely.

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Your Influence Matters

Whether you’re a top CEO, accountant, teacher, hairdresser, construction worker, or anything else, your influence is just as important as everyone else’s. You influence yourself and your teams every day. How you choose to wield your influence significantly affects your present and future. You have the power to spread positivity through your thoughts, words, and actions.

Individual Influence: Find the “I” in Team

In Individual Influence, authors Brian Smith, PhD and Mary Griffin make a persuasive case that even a company or team of individual players is still an “Individual” at its core―expressing the collective influence of all those who play a role in it. Thus, there is not just one “I” in team, but many.

Demonstrated through real-life experience working with and leading teams, the authors cover many transformative concepts, including:

  • How to be your best self so that your unique influence radiates from you
  • Reaping the benefits of slowing down and existing within the moment
  • How to delegate, hold accountable, define values, and achieve balance
  • Setting realistic success criteria for yourself and learning to celebrate small victories
  • Gaining more significant influence over your own conscious thoughts and reshaping your reality

Positive Influence: Be the “I” in Team

In the second book in the “I” in Team series, authors Brian Smith and Mary Griffin show readers the fine art of transforming their influence into a force for good. They share tools on how to stay humble, lead themselves and the people around them well, and create opportunities to expand their influence in new and exciting ways, including offering wisdom on:

  • Understanding that each person is important and has tremendous influence
  • Looking out for common pitfalls and avoiding the traps you set for yourself
  • How to remain composed, take the high road, and avoid unnecessary overreactions
  • Understanding how you learn best so you can work to be your best self
  • Valuing true diversity and equality and understanding how it influences us all

individual vs Individual

It is our philosophy that the word individual has a dual meaning: one person/many persons, one action/many actions, one word/many words. One is an individual; collectively, they are Individual. In other words, you are an individual person, but when you come together with other individual people you create an Individual team/group/collective. Throughout the I in Team series, you will notice the use of these words and their subtle differences. When referring to a single person, task, or action, the word individual—with a lowercase I—is used. When referring to an entity that is made of multiple individuals, the word Individual—with a capital I—is used. When referring to the commingling of individuals and Individuals, the word (I)individual is used.

individual vs Individual Examples

Dot, US Army Ret.


Dot, an individual residing in California, retired from the US Army last year and now spends her free time with her family or volunteering at a local animal sanctuary. Dot is well known for her individual baking skills, which she uses to raise money for her grandkids’ school and the sanctuary. Every Friday, she makes an individual list of items she will need to purchase for her next individual baking project.


Before Dot retired from the US Army, she was an Individual with her squad unit. Her unit, and all the other units, are what comprise the Individual US Army. Now she is part of a different Individual group—Veterans. She feels she can use her influence well and positively contribute to the betterment of humankind through her baking, which she uses to raise money for her grandkids’ Individual school and the Individual animal sanctuary.


Garrett, College Graduate


Garrett, an individual residing in New York, just graduated from college with his bachelor’s in psychology. He wants to help people struggling with addiction, so he is planning on continuing his education in a master’s program but is taking a short break to focus on himself. Garrett is exploring his other interests outside of school, so he is working on an individual list of activities to try each week to see which he likes the most.


Before individual Garrett graduated, he was an Individual with his classmates. Since graduating, Garrett has remained in touch with some of them. They meet Individually once per month to catch up and discuss any interesting topics like psychology, philosophy, and what is happening in the world. When they meet, one individual chooses an Individual location, so each month it’s different. Garrett usually chooses to meet at his favorite Individual tea shop.

About the Authors

Brian Smith

Brian Smith has a PhD in Organizational Psychology, Masters in Information Management Systems, and Bachelors in Accounting. Brian resides in Algonquin, Illinois with his beautiful wife of 30 years, René, and their two dogs, Maizy and Moose. When he isn’t traveling around the globe, Brian enjoys his time reading, cooking, riding his Sea-Doo, being with his children, and spending time with René.

Mary Griffin

Mary Griffin has a bachelor’s in English literature and minored in psychology. Mary’s biggest passions in life are animal advocacy, music, reading, and art. Every day she strives to learn and grow in her personal development to better her influence.

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