Mergers & Acquisitions

We have helped hundreds of companies successfully merge into one, high-performing team while maintaining a positive culture.

Successfully Merge with Another Company

Sometimes, companies determine that they would be more successful if they merged with another company. Another way companies grow is by buying their competition, known as an acquisition. Mergers and acquisitions often fail due to a lack of research and planning, but not when you partner with IA Business Advisors.

Our Process

Using our BizVision™ process, we help you prepare for the melding of two or more companies prior to committing to the change. This due diligence process ensures that gaps are identified and each individual company’s culture is understood to ensure a smooth transition.

How We’re Different

Our BizVision™ process guarantees the due diligence performed goes much deeper than the simple metrics of each business. We consider the people, process, and technology required to make the merger or acquisition viable for years to come.


Most mergers and acquisitions fail due to a lack of careful planning and understanding of the people, process, and technology required to ensure the new, blended business is successful. Culture clashes are often the number one issue facing mergers and acquisitions. That’s why IA Business Advisors puts people first.

Business Brokerage & Valuation

IA Business Advisors don’t take a percentage at the closing table. Rather, we provide an agreement with “not to exceed” terms, and we only bill for the work we do up to and through the point of sale.

Due Diligence

As the most important aspect of any merger or acquisition, due diligence is performed through our BizVision™ process so we can have a thorough understanding of each individual business entity.

Change Management

Performing due diligence allows us to develop a successful change management plan to ensure that each team is prepared, and the culture remains stable and positive through transition.

Get Your Business Prescription

When you are ready to have a clear view (BizVision) of your company and tackle any of the business issues that are hurting your potential viability, contact your business doctor, IA Business Advisors.