41. Bias – The Identification Process

August 28, 2023
Daily Influence
Daily Influence
41. Bias - The Identification Process

Episode 41 is our focus on identifying Bias as Conscious, Subconscious or Unconscious Bias.  

Each bias is unique in that how we identify them and what we can do with them once identified is different. 

Conscious bias is easy. We are conscious of the bias and understand why we are biased towards whatever it is we have the bias on. 

Subconscious bias is a bias that, oftentimes, is exposed without any thought. It's like a habit.  When called out, we may be defensive or not agree. But when we slow down and identify it objectively, we can pinpoint where the bias actually stems from. 

Unconscious bias is the most difficult and generally requires a third party to help us identify where it originates from and, oftentimes, we won't even be able to do that.  

Identifying our bias origination is critical to positive individual influence as it will enhance our ability to collaborate and communicate with larger groups of people.


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