39. Individualism – Reflection

August 24, 2023
Daily Influence
Daily Influence
39. Individualism - Reflection

In this episode, we review and reflect on the power of Individualism.  This is a cornerstone of The I in Team Series and why the Daily Influence is so important to us. 

Our individualism is made up of our Attitude and how we think can set our attitude.  

Our maturity is defined by our individualism and how we perceive and interact within our individual and collective selves.  Maturity can be unique to different areas of influence and there are different aspects to maturity, such as emotional intelligence. 

Our willpower can define our individualism and it is something that needs to be managed, lest we run out.  Sometimes, motivation alone does not carry the day and our willpower will get us to those milestones that help us reach our ultimate areas of influence. 

To aid in reaching our ultimate influence, we should be using Goals and we advocate for SMART goals that can support SMART tactics and help us to best manage the path to success.  

SMART goals and tactics can help us to avoid failure but also help us to define failure better to ensure failure is a positive education opportunity, whereby we can create more opportunities to take advantage of from the education of failure.   

And the ultimate goal is to be a prosperous (I)individual.  Prosperity is individual to each of us and our unique areas of influence and cannot be set by some general term or definition. Anything that leads to us feeling positive leads us to feeling prosperous.

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