32. Reflection on Foundation

August 15, 2023
Daily Influence
Daily Influence
32. Reflection on Foundation

Today's episode is a reflection of our Foundation discussions.  

We began with Self-Awareness and how understanding self is an important aspect of our Foundation. 

We talked about our habits – good and bad – and how understanding our habits can help us create and maintain a positive environment for ourself and our areas of influence 

We moved to a discussion about Character and how our character is important to our area of influence. We can spend a lifetime building character and it only takes a single act of influence that can tarnish or destroy our character.  

One aspect of our character was our last topic, Perception is Reality. We discussed how people perceive us can be their reality about us and how just being in a certain crowd, working for a person or company, can define who we are to people and how this can be misleading and incorrect, which means we should be mindful of our perceptions. 

And then, we finished with Empathy and how empathy can be a key foundational trait for us as humans and help us understand and build our foundation.  

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