27. Foundation – Self Awareness

August 8, 2023
Daily Influence
Daily Influence
27. Foundation - Self Awareness

Self-awareness comes from self-exploration and self-discovery.  As we always do, we urge you during any self-reflection that if you experience anxiety or negativity, you seek support from a licensed professional or close friend/confidant to help work through the issues causing the negativity.  

The goal of becoming self-aware is understanding where you're at today in your mind and accepting that our past is there for us to learn from, not define us.  

Be nonjudgmental about your past self and allow the awareness to help you mend.  Do not allow emotions to dictate how you communicate with yourself or others. Emotional self-communication can  be destructive if negative. Be mindful and be aware of those moments, so you can move to a learning and positive mindset.