26. Who Am I? Recap

August 7, 2023
Daily Influence
Daily Influence
26. Who Am I? Recap

We recap the past eight episodes of The Daily Influence as we close out Who Am I? and move into discussing our individual Foundation.  

We began this segment of episodes after our Focus section, and dove right into our Ego.  Ego is uniquely human and it can be an advantage or a detriment. Episode 18 is one you may want to listen to again and again.  

Episode 19 – Self-Reflection took us on a journey of self and the challenges we face and opportunities we create when looking in the mirror.  

Episode 20 – Roots is where we landed when that look in the mirror got deeper.  Our roots don't define us. It provides us with the start of our ever evolving foundation, which is the title of our next section.  

Episode 21 – Who Do You Want To Be? is a dive into your purpose, or discovering what your potential purpose may be.  Who are you today compared to who you want to be now or in the future. 

Episode 22 was a discussion about commitment that I used my 31st wedding anniversary to launch from.  Part of who we are is the accumulation of all our journeys that include different anniversary celebrations.  

Episode 23 is a dive into the human tendency to be self-deceptive and how self-deception is a pitfall that almost never leads to opportunity or advantages.  

Episode 24 – We discuss our intuition and how it's formed from our experience. And the more we slow down and engage in the present, the louder our intuition can be in support of our present and future. 

Episode 25 – Clarity is what we seek. And when we have clarity, we are in a place where our opportunities are best taken advantage of.  

After today we move onto our Foundation and how to engage with our foundation to create our best self for us and others.