17. Focus – Recap of the Focus series of discussions

July 25, 2023
Daily Influence
Daily Influence
17. Focus - Recap of the Focus series of discussions

We have spent over a week discussing and unpacking how slowing down and gaining better focus can be an amazing individual advantage and provide for more positive opportunities.  

We started this journey into Focus in Episode 8 with Deliberate Acts and how being deliberate is the ultimate way for individuals to slow down.  

Episode 9 had us discussing the human tendency to take focus too far and have a comfortable focus; an almost hypnotic state where we lose track of our situational awareness and where mistakes, gaps and other things can occur for us. 

Episode 10, Living in the Present, brought us to another way for us to slow down, become more deliberate about our time and how we can better control the outcomes of our actions with proper focus.  

Episode 11, Intentions, is where we discussed how to be more intentional and using intentionality to its fullest advantage.  

Episode 12, Time Flies By So Quickly, is where we dive into time and our individual perceptions of time, regardless of the fact that time is the same for every individual. 

Episode 13, The Turbo Charge of Going to Fast (Multitasking), is where we talk about how multitasking almost never results in more efficiency or faster work and/or progress.  

Episode 14, The Workplace, is about where we choose to work can affect our focus.  It's not just about distractions; it's about supporting whatever influences your individual focus to help you accomplish whatever it is you're trying to do in a given moment.  

Episode 15, S.M.A.R.T., is where we dive into SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) is not just goal setting parameters. You can focus your tactics using SMART to create a positive influence as an individual. 

Episode 16, Reactions, is how we can focus on how we react to situations to create better advantages and opportunities from those influential moments that have us reacting quicker than we should be. 

Coming up next; Who Am I? Ego.