14. Focus – The Workplace

July 20, 2023
Daily Influence
Daily Influence
14. Focus - The Workplace

Your workplace, wherever that may be, should be conducive to your focus.   

This is the primary theme of today's Daily Influence.  The human tendency to go too fast can be greatly influenced by their workplace.  

We'll discuss how we challenged a client to encourage his team to slow down 15% to increase productivity; it worked.  

Some environments require ‘speed of service’; think fast food.  

To manage productivity in the workplace when speed is needed, introduce policy, process and technologies that support the human and the mission they perform. 

Don’t get so focused on KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that you create ‘too fast’ moments that invite error, mistake and failure in contextual understanding that leads to failure.  

Beware of procrastination as a tool to manage your ‘go too fast’ workplace environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Speed at work without foundational support serves to reduce overall quality.
  • Speed can result in delays if errors, mistakes and miscommunication occur.
  • Avoid procrastination to avoid the feeling of needing to go too fast to ensure completion.