107. Best of Daily Influence: Focus – Time Flies By So Quickly

November 28, 2023
Daily Influence
Daily Influence
107. Best of Daily Influence: Focus - Time Flies By So Quickly

Join us as we showcase the quintessential ideas and seminal insights that showcase the best of The Daily Influence. Whether you missed them before or need a refresher, let’s revisit these highlight moments and elevate your influence.

Does time have to fly by? Isn't a minute the same for everyone?  If yes, why do so many people make the statement; “Time flies by so quickly”?

Did you know the current foundation and use of time and time zones only dates back to 1884?

What did humans do with this new structured time measurement and management opportunity?  

How did the creation of this structure speed up time for humans?  


“The present moment is your best time to make your best decision.”

Now is the best opportunity for you to be your best, so managing your perception and use of time is critical to your influence being what you hope it will be.  

You cannot regain the past moments, they are behind us. You can only make decisions in the present.  

Key Takeaways:

Time only moves at one speed for us all.

Measure your individual time; understand your use of time. 

To be in the present, you must control your time.