The Psychology of Color

It has long been known that colors can assist in provoking various feelings and emotions. This is why when we paint the inside of our homes, we choose colors that invite the emotions we want ourselves and our guests to feel in our house. Even without knowing that colors can produce certain feelings, we do this because it is how our brains are wired. Our emotions are sparked by color in nature, and we might be able to distinguish these feelings if we pay close enough attention. Taking a walk in the summer when the trees are green will produce different feelings as to in autumn when they are orange, yellow, and red. Same goes for spring when they are all in bloom with pink and white flowers, and in the winter when they are bare, black, and covered in snow. You may walk the same path each time, but each season will provoke different feelings due to the color changes. This is why certain companies use certain colors in their logos, stores, websites, products, and marketing campaigns. It is to provoke certain emotions from their target audiences to hopefully receive the outcome that they desire.

We recently changed our branding by introducing a contemporary color palette to our company’s logo, web design, and marketing materials, and so I thought it fitting to discuss the psychology behind primary colors, the feelings they invoke, and the companies that use them in their logos. If you’re looking for ways to best position your company to appeal to your target market, then consider how the colors you are using subconsciously influence your customers.

Here are some primary colors, their functions, and companies that use them:


Choosing the colors to use for your company can seem like a very daunting and difficult task. There are many shades and mixtures to consider, and different color combinations will make your customers feel certain emotions toward your company. Do your research in order to know what colors and color combinations will be right for you. If you would like any advice on what colors you should incorporate into your branding, or if you need a custom logo designed for your company, then contact us today!


About the Author:

Jerrod is an in-house graphic design artist for IA Business Advisors. He has extensive experience in content creation, designing logos, entire image and branding portfolios, and custom illustrations.

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